Discussing the media and the mind with me is a Digital Marketing expert, Amenyedor Mawuli Cherubim. Here are a few things he pointed out in our conversation.

Me: It’s an honor to have you explain into detail what I began in my article, 3 Attacks On The Gospel.

DM expert: thank you. I’m happy you brought this up. I’ve delivered a lecture on this topic a few days ago; I addressed all these concerns there… To me, the keyword is influence. I like what you are already doing. Keep writing! Share your influence

Me: Shall we begin?

DM expert: sure

Me: The imagination is on a serious attack. With images, videos, stories, books, and so on, the Christian is bombarded daily with contrasting concepts to their worldview. What’s your experience with this contrast?

DM expert: It has always mostly been. Not only Christians though, the entire world as well. Whoever controls your mind, controls your life. That’s why the goal of oppression is the maintenance of ignorance. The mind is the soul. Winning the soul is the toughest part of the spiritual equation.

Me: You made a very important point, Whoever controls your mind controls your life. How does our mind contribute excessively to our life?

DM expert: We live life in three realities (body, soul and spirit). More like physically, spiritually and mentally.

Physical is tangible. Spiritual is intangible. Mental is a blend of both. Tangible in the form of a seen brain (grey matter) and intangible with conceived ideas.

Life is lived physically and spiritually. But it’s the mental that connects and controls these two domains.

Winning spiritually or physically requires mental fortitude.

The human soul which is made up of your mind, will and emotions is then the target. Because it decides what happens in the physical and spiritual. The most victories are won from the mind first before it happens physically. Same for defeats too.

Me: If the mental connects the physical and the spiritual then it should be taken seriously. I fear the reason there’s an attack on the mind is that they don’t want it to connect with the spirit and body.

DM expert: Yeah, and also that the mental determines the eternal destiny of the spirit man placed in a physical body of time. Simply put, mental conditioning determines if a soul/spirit makes heaven or hell.

Me: You said the human soul is a target. Can you please tell us some stuff directed at the soul?

DM expert: The essence of media is the target of the soul

What u see, hear, experience and think of

Me: Then the media is not to be played with, at least if you don’t know what it’s targeting.

DM expert: Never at all

Media is just plural for medium

Medium means how something is transferred or decoded.

What transfers or decodes something can corrupt the thing.

Let’s put it this way, the medium determines what you see, hear, feel, experience and interpret.

The soul is the medium between the body and spirit.

So the spirit can only tell the body what to do based on what the soul says it should.

The body can also only communicate to the spirit through the soul.

Medium is powerful

Me: With your experience, do you think, more than anything, the media is being used to corrupt what we see, hear, experience and feel?

DM expert: Media itself is neutral. It’s who controls it that determines the morality

People’s sense of sex, drugs and addiction have mostly been wrongly shaped by media

That’s an example

Hip Hop sells sex, money, drugs to look cool

Me: Then we have an even bigger problem here: the one behind the camera, the one behind the words, the one behind the designs, the one behind the script

DM expert: yeah

Me: thank you for your time. This really has been insightful.

DM expert: you’re welcome

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