As I sat on my bed one afternoon, a strong impression of the Spirit came to my heart and I felt a strong desire of desperation for more of God and to God rather than what is known, taught by some churches and read from the Holy writ. This became the inspiration of this write-up, to stir a desire and quest beyond the horizon and status quo about God.

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness”. Psalm 84:10

David said I rather leave my palace and become a door keeper in God’s house. What made him say that? Did he probably see something unique and extraordinary in God’s house which he deemed more substantial and worth living for which he didn’t see in his splendid and baronial palace? What made him say that?

Can we say that too in our time? Is it that there is no power and presence in the Church as it used to be? Why are we not seeing the similitude of God’s power and uncanny presence in our lives and churches?
What made men of old shut the mouth of lions, stopped rain, bring down fire, parted the red Sea, raise the dead, glowed like angles and did mysterious happening that proved the supremacy of God? Look at men like Enoch and Elijah they walked with God to an extent that the earth couldn’t contain them. Look at men like Moses,  Elisha, Abraham, David and people like Archbishop Idahosa, Smith wiggles-worth, D. L moody, Saint Patrick and Simeon of the Azusa street Revival just to mention a few. See how they proved that indeed the heavens do rule in the affairs of men. They insisted and demonstrated that their​ God alone be praised.  Only twelve disciples turned the entire world upside down with the power of the Holy Spirit. What did they know that we don’t know? We claim and confess we are more powerful than the people of the Old Testament because of the blood of Jesus and yet we are very far from the supernatural life they lived that made Nations feared their God.

Why can’t we see it in our time? What’s wrong? How can we bow down to God and then bow down to failure, depression, confusion, diseases, poverty and all sort of devastating  experiences​? How is that possible? Is God not our father? Is He not the Creator of the Universe? Why are unbelievers who always work wickedness seems to flourish at the expense of believers? How possible? The messages of the bible seem to be presented and projected by some men of God and individuals as only readable and understandable but can’t be experienced. Is that true? What are we missing? How come others in the bible heard God’s word which eventually became their reality and default activity of their daily existence?

We have heard ​of the God of wonders doing miracles, those with gifts and talents they spoke prophetically, We want to see. The mantle of Elijah, Paul and Timothy we want to see that power at work in us, we are tired of the status quo. Am tired and unsatisfied with the routineness and ordinariness of what is done and seen in church besides all that church present as the fullness of God. Things seem to be the same, there is got to much more to God than this. Am tired of the status quo. There is got to be much more to God than this. I believe there is, because the bible especially in Daniel and Revelation  project God far more and exceedingly great than we see and hear.

There is an Army Rising. I know it, I sense it, and I see it. The essence and power of the heavens shall be replicated on the earth!!

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