This is a continuation from my post; “The music ministry from christian perspective part one “. I humbly advice you read the part one of the series to enhance a comprehensive understanding of this message.

  • When you look through the bible, even the largest book in the bible, Psalms are composition of songs. In fact, the Webster’s bible dictionary defines psalms a as a sacred song or hymn: a song composed on a divine subject and in praise of God.
  • Before Elisha the prophet could prophecy the victory of the nation of Israel he needed a Minstrel (a player of string instruments) 2 kings 3:14-15
  • Solomon the wisest man who ever lived on earth, wrote thousand and five songs in addition to three thousand Proverbs. Which presupposes that the delivery of his wisdom had something to do with Spiritual songs. 1 kings 4:30-32
  1. Paul the Apostle who wrote vastly about the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the Christian life, two times in his books will not talk about the word and the spirit without Music. Colossians 3:16, Ephesians 5:18-19.By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall matter be established”. 2 Corinthians 13:1. Which means the repetition of the same verse in different books shows the extremity he could go to talk about Music.

All these scriptural references point to the fact, truth and certainty of the Music Ministry and as such must be treated meticulously.


Generally, a music is an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumentals or vocal tones in a structured manner. This definition fits in what Gospel music is, but most appropriately and importantly, Gospel music or songs are mediums for expressing one’s true heart of worship to God and for the edification of the body of Christ. They are very powerful tools for communicating spiritual languages that otherwise can’t be communicated in normal preaching, which impresses spiritual truth on the spirit of man. They sometimes may not really be very appealing to the mind but very dynamic in spiritual development. Back in the villages, the continuous hitting of drums and other musical instruments by the fetish priest becomes a medium for invocation of Spirits. The same way Godly inspired songs or music, by sometimes continuously singing, as directed and inspired by the spirit of God creates powerful and congenial atmosphere for the manifestation of the very presence of God to affect lives. A perfect example is the Benny Hinn ministry. Sometimes you have to keep singing a song until the strength and potency of that song is deposited into your spirit. Praises and worship leaders must be very sensitive to the spirit in those moments of their delivery. Because sometimes we can be used to the old pattern and way of changing worship songs, while perhaps the spirit of God would want to do something by the continuous singing or humming of a song for some time. Gospel music especially, the worship kind, has a way of opening you up to powerful and life transforming mysteries and revelation of scripture during quite many more can be expounded on Gospel Songs or Music.



These are songs that are ministered directly to God to express worship, thanksgiving, adoration and appreciation. In fact, these songs are not in themselves necessarily worship. However, they help us express our worship to God that may otherwise could not be possible. True worship or adoration as we know is not first and foremost in songs. True worship stems from a sincere and pure heart, and born from a depth of understanding of who God is from Scripture, your experiences of the goodness of God both in your life and that of others. All the earth shall worship you, and shall sing unto you; they shall sing to your name. Psalms 66:4

And be not drunk with wine, in which is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. Ephesians 5:18-19

These are songs not ministered to God as worship but rather to men. These songs are dynamic mediums for comfort, edification and inspiration. These songs are born from painful and traumatic moments or experience of individuals and how God came in for them in those moments. These songs are situational and circumstantial in nature, meaning it may not be necessarily relevant or meaningful to everyone at all times. They only ministers to us in certain seasonal moments in our lives, particularly in difficult and heart breaking times. For such songs, you can only appreciate, understand, value and treasure them them when you have being through painful moments and experiences in life that are reflective in the contents of the song. These are the kind of songs you may disregard or even judge its artist as not being spiritual, perhaps they don’t probably seem to carry the atmosphere that may necessarily worship or adore the Lord. Most a times they come to refresh, inspire and stir comfort and trust in God notwithstanding issues of life you are dealing with.
Whether the song is ministered to God for worship or to men for comfort or edification, the object of focus and attention shouldn’t be men but Jesus Christ. Hebrews 12:2


We are living in a generation where many people look down on “OLD MUSIC” especially local ones which shouldn’t be the case. They tag the songs old probably because of the age, lack of correct instrumentals and maybe the Excellency of vocal prowess. Notwithstanding, I think it is not enough reason to throw the baby and the bad water away. The content of those songs can be picked and modified to minister to others. Some of these old songs literally carry an atmosphere of the spirit and are very relevant to the times. In the spirit there is no aging, so anything that comes from the spirit is still fresh and fiery as before. It is important to know as a minister that the dispensing of the anointing to affect lives, begins with a fiery altar of prayer, understanding of scripture, purity of heart and a genuine passion to glorify God and to impact lives, in order to host the presence and power of God. Then after, the Excellency of your voice.

I want to use this platform to encourage all musicians, choristers and anyone who believe is called into the Music Ministry. No matter the extent to which you have been looked down upon or disregarded. I bring you a word from God. We can’t do without your ministry, you are still relevant to the times. Be encouraged and make conscious effort to better up yourself for excellence.


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