I believe strongly that not only is this message very powerful and important but moreso a timely one.

We live in a generation where undoubtedly, there has been an increase in desire and passion of many Christians to enter into the music ministry. Especially those who have the strong conviction of their call into the music ministry. You will bear me witness that if not every week, probably many times in a month various churches, Christian groups and fellowships organizes gospel rock shows, worship nights and various musical programs. We are living in times where if am not exaggerating, you won’t walk a space of fifteen minutes without seeing posters, banners and sometimes big bill boards of gospel musical programs with very renowned and dynamic artists. For probably about four years in Ghana now, some telecommunications companies in collaboration with other TV stations have come up with for example, the Airtel-Adom praise, MTN stands in worship and many more. Personally, I have studied how gospel artists receive more likes on Facebook than some renowned preachers. Undoubtedly, we live in a generation and times where there seem to be the tidal wave of the spirit of gospel music blowing across not only Ghana but also some foreign countries. I believe God is up to something with this move. But, the alarming issue is that, you can get so familiar and be busy about all that is happening, especially if you are a minister, to an extent where if not completely, you partially lose the very essence, understanding and impact of the mystery behind gospel music. To this end, do I per the inspiration of the Spirit write this message.
This message without exaggeration will be of great and massive relevance especially to Gospel Artists, Choristers and also instrumentalists of various churches. If you don’t however fall into this categories you are as well not left out.


Bible gives us numerous strong basis of the indispensable nature of music, but I think the finest and authentic of all is found in the book of Ezekiel which gives us a hint about the music ministry in heaven. It is vital to know that music is a ministry not just a department as we know in many churches. Ezekiel 28:13-18 gives us a little exegesis of Lucifer, (now called Satan after his fall) and a strong possibility of him being in charge of music in heaven. ” … Gold work of tambourines and pipes was in you (Lucifer)” Ezekiel 28:13b. As part of the raw materials used in Lucifer’s creation were tambourines and pipes which are these are musical instruments. Undoubtedly, Satan was probably in charge of the music ministry in heaven. Despite the lack of enough evidence in scripture to asset to this truth, the emphasis of gospel music cant be overlooked. If God saw the need to institute this ministry, then it must be very important. In essence, heaven (the dwelling place of God) possibly couldn’t have fully been complete without the music ministry for what reason God saw the necessity of its institutionalisation. In other words, music as a ministry plays a vital role in the sustenance and development of God’s kingdom. If God, the creator of the heavens and earth, He who stretches the heavens like curtains and laid the foundations of earth thereof, He who has no beginning nor end, the embodiment of infinite wisdom, power and all anointing will not establish His kingdom without a music ministry, what makes us think we can experience the fullness of God’s kingdom and presence in the absence of the music ministry. I sometimes get uncomfortable at the way less relevance and attention has been given to quality sound and an excellent and powerful music ministry in some churches and Christian fellowships. Not probably because of inadequate finances, but a trivialization, disregard and lack of knowledge of the essence of quality sound and an excellent music ministry. Most pastors and some Christians believes and say a cleshay that church is not about having quality sound and a robust choir but rather it’s about the anointing. Despite its trustfulness, its however not entirely true and holistic. We should be careful in our desire and passion to advance His kingdom rather tend to unknowingly fight, condemn and play down the essence of the laid down principles and structure for the advancement of the same Kingdom. You will not as a Christian In your life or as a church leader in your church neglect the place of authentic and spirit inspired music ministry and ever experience the fullness of the uncanny and indispensable presence of God.

The music ministry predates all the five-fold ministries or offices. By way of emphasis, before there was a pastor, evangelist, teacher, apostle or prophet, there was already in heaven a music ministry. This expresses the extremity of its significance. To explain further, the fall of Adam in Eden was what necessitated the coming of Jesus Christ and by extension necessitated the establishment of the five fold offices or ministry after Jesus’s ascension. It was never the original plan and perfect will of God for Jesus to come and die and by extension to institutionalize the five-fold ministries if not the fall of man. But did you know, there will still have been a Music Ministry in heaven? because the establishment of the music ministry by God Almighty had nothing to do with either man’s creation or fall. It was postulated by God as part of the systems in heaven and would have still existed anyway if God decided not to create the earth or man. I don’t mean to say the five-fold ministry and other relevant ministries established by God on earth are inferior to the music ministry. Am saying we have to apportion equal relevance and attention to the music ministry as we have done for others, as and when needed or required, non should be projected as either superior or inferior to the other when it comes to building the church and Kingdom advancement.



  1. great piece, and a great inspiration drawn from the Holy Spirit. God bless u Sir, for your great insight and explanation of the music ministry. Thanks.
    more grace to do more, and sure you will.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. God bless you Elijah .This is what we need in this end time. Messages that will transform our mind and gives us understanding in our christian life. God bless you


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