“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices”. ( 2 Corinthians 2:11)


  • Demystify to reveal the truth behind worldly music.
  • To reveal the severity and the acute impact of worldly music.
  • To present authentic biblical means for deliverance from the shackles and claws of Satan through worldly music.


It is of much relevance to understand this teaching to define the inception of music. Many people have suggested and advocated what they believe music must have originated from. But I believe the Bible is the only authentic and indispensable book to give us the true origin of music. To start with, music was created and invented by God Almighty. Music is not just a concept but a ministry which predates the fivefold Office [Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Prophet and Apostle]. Ezekiel 28:13-18 gives us a little exegesis of Lucifer, (Now called Satan after his fall) and a strong possibility of him been in charge of music in heaven.
“…Gold work of tambourines and pipes was in you (Lucifer)” Ezekiel 28: 13b.


As part of the materials used in Lucifer’s creation were tambourines and pipes. Wind instruments encapsulates all musical instruments basically. Having these makeup largely reveals to us the kind of ministry he had. Undoubtedly, Satan was probably the chief musician in heaven. In Isaiah 14:12-14; Revelation 12:7-11 after Satan’s fall, he lost his ministry and position in heaven, but still has advantage of knowledge and experience with regards to the dynamics and operation of music to negatively and acutely impact humanity. This explains why apart from other arsenals Satan uses, Worldly Music has been a successful tool to carry out his agenda and impact.

Since time immemorial, music has been a dynamic tool and medium for impressing spiritual realities on the heart (spirit) and mind, which has the ability to influence the entire life of man, towards the execution of a desire and an agenda either of God or Satan.
Worldly music are dynamic mediums by which Satan impresses demonic and diabolic realities on the heart and mind of man, which has the ability to entirely influence the life of man, towards the execution of his desires and agenda.

Satan can only execute his desires and plans on the earth realm only through a terrestrial body. So, he enters covenant with human vessels that genuinely are gifted and talented by God in the area of music. He corrupts and taints the gift to assume a state conducive for his usage. They might sometimes seem to have the appearance and form of God, but are demonised. These individuals even though may not openly declare their fraternity and solidarity with the devil but will profess to be Christians, yet are vessels used by Satan.
“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light”. 2 Corinthians 11:13-14

Some go to the extent of selling their souls to the devil for riches and fame.

Also, the content of these songs are not just mere words, but are languages with satan’s imprint and signature carefully cooked up from the kingdom of darkness to destroy lives and shatter destinies. They might sometimes seem to be “having the form of godliness but denies the power thereof, from such turn away”. 2 Timothy 3:5


  • Understand that Satan has an agenda and a desire. His agenda and desire are only fertile in certain atmospheres. Worldly music is a tool for creating those atmospheres. Example: certain music are specifically constructed to create an atmosphere of lust conducive for all sought of sexual immorality.
  • Satan understands the unbeatable power of the mind. The mind receives information through the senses, crystallizes into desires, is expressed as actions and then becomes habits. This music infiltrates the mind, reshapes the mindset, crystallizes into desires and expressed in actions and habits, which exactly reflects the contents and spirit behind the music.
  • He seeks to kill, steal and destroy precious souls and send them to hell. John 10:10
  • Ultimately, he seeks to enthrone his kingdom and influence over all inhabitants on earth and cause all to bow down to him. Daniel 3:1-7


  • Renounce the world and its desires and embrace the love and gift of salvation through Christ Jesus alone. Act 4:12; Acts 2:21.
  • Make conscious by God’s grace through genuine prayer and bible studies to renew the mind of the past and to build a strong intimacy with the Holy spirit .Always depend wholly on the Holy spirit for strength Romans 12:1-2, Ephesians 3:16.
  • Embrace the sweet atmosphere which comes through Godly inspired music. Ephesians 5:18-19.


Why not make a decision to accept Jesus Christ.

Say this” Lord Jesus, I thank you for being there for me. I appreciate your death on the cross for my salvation and deliverance. I sincerely admit am a sinner and can’t save myself. Forgive me Jesus, and deliver me from the shackles of the influence of worldly Music. I renounce the world and its desires. I truly need you Jesus. No one else will do. Accept me as your child and make me new. Thank you Jesus for saving me. Amen!


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